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Nileeva brand is developed specially for personal care, and feminine hygiene. Formulas for each product undergo research and testing before its introduction into the market.

Major products: Make up remover wipes, Eye-makeup remover wipes, Nail polish remover wipes, Intimate wipes, After epilator calming wipes, Feminine personal cleansing cloths, Sanitary napkins, Under arm liners, etc.



Wipes that are for general use, which includes household, industrial and automobile cleaning, are mainly developed under the brand name of Premium Formulations. We have developed a strong and effective formula for the products under this brand, through continuous research and testing, and earned trust of our customers.

Major products: Multipurpose cleaning wipes, Glass & Window cleaning wipes, Leather & Furniture wipes, Cloth Stain remover wipes, Shoe Odor remover wipes, Wet moping pads, Industrial Degreaser wipes, Instant Car wash kit, Automobile Protectant wipes, Kitchen cleaning wipes, Microfiber enhanced baby wipes etc.



Approved by Federal Drugs Authority, USA (FDA), the brand Germisept is mainly focused on the production of antibacterial, and medical / clinical use wipes. Even the personal care wipes that require antibacterial formulas are produced under this brand. Antibacterial products under this brand are available with alcohol or non-alcohol base formulas.

Major products: Antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes, Medical device cleaning wipes, Active hygiene cleaning wipes, Multi surface cleaning wipes, Hand & Face moist wipes, Chlor-Bleach Cleaning Wipes etc.



Most of the child and baby care products are produced under this brand. We have introduced several hygiene baby wipes with special focus on a mild formula that does not harm baby’s delicate skin.

Major products: Baby wipes, Microfiber enhanced baby wipes, Kids nose cleaning wipes, Hand and Mouth baby wipes, Breast cleaning wipes, Baby pacifier and toy cleaning wipes, etc.