Quality Management System

Delivering superior-quality products is a core principle at American Hygienics Corporation. We see q…


1. GMP denotes ’Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice’. A GMP is a guideline that highlights those aspects that are critical to product quality. Each country can issue its own GMPs. American Hygienics Corporation’s current manufacturing practices are complied with the US CGMP guidelines and the EU Council GMPC guidelines.

2. The British Retail Consortium defined a Global Standard for Consumer Products that helps companies to comply with major international regulations.
To pass a BRC audit a company must:

  • Adopt the HACCP protocol.
  • Proof of an effective quality management system.
  • Effective control of site environment, products, process, personnel.

American Hygienics Corporation has passed a BRC audit in product category 1, the category with the toughest audit.

3. ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard that require companies to actively maintain and document a quality system in order to consistently deliver quality products that meet the consumer’s needs and demands.

4. AHC has been audited and accepted by US-FDA as a Pharmaceutical Grade wet wipes manufacturer.


Nordic Swan was established in 1989 as a neutral, independent label which provides consumers a guarantee that the products bearing the Swan logo are green and responsible choice. The label is well known in all Scandinavian countries, and used for cosmetic and consumer products.