Interested in creating your own wet wipes? Have some questions before starting? Check out our Frequently Asked Wipe Questions and lets get started!

    1.When was AHC founded?
    AHC, established since 2001, is an OEM specialist and a wholly foreign-owned enterprise engaged in wet wipe manufacturing earlier in China.
    2. How much manufacturing space does AHC have?
    We have two factories located in Shanghai and Zhejiang respectively with more than 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space across our facilities – that’s more than 9 football fields.
    3. How many wipes does AHC manufacture each year?
    AHC’s wet wipes manufacture capability can be up to 1 billion per year.
    4. Are the wipes biodegradable?
    There are both biodegradable and non-biodegradable wipes; depending on your requirement, we can use either 100% cotton or 100% viscose to create a biodegradable or compostable wipes.
    5. Where are these wipes manufactured?
    All our wipes are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Shanghai and Zhejiang.
    6. Are all wet wipes flushable?
    As a general rule, flushing of wet wipes isn’t recommended since wet wipes does not disintegrate as quickly as toilet paper. We recommend that you dispose of them in the wastebasket. Refer to this article for more information: “Are Wipes Flushable?”
    7. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for these wet wipes?
    Yes, all our products have a minimum order quantity requirement and this varies depending on the product specifications.
    8. Can you create a wet wipe using our formulation?
    Yes! We would be happy to incorporate your specialized formulation to help you create a new wipe. All details of the formulation will be kept confidential.
    9. Can you manufacture wipes in different packaging formats?
    Yes, we have an array of packagings for you to choose from. Please get in touch with us to choose one that fits your requirement.
    10. Do you test your products on animals?
    AHC strictly opposes animal testing unless required by law, regulation, or governmental authority. AHC does not itself test products on animals. However, some of AHC’s wet wipes contain pre-approved ingredients or formulations that were tested on animals by AHC’s suppliers, as is required by law or regulation to ensure human safety.
    If you have any questions about wet wipes or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us!
    11. Can you manufacture disinfectant wipes EPA registered?
    Yes.We can manufacture disinfectant wipes EPA approved.
    12. Can you manufacture FDA approved disinfecting wipes?
    Yes,we can manufacture FDA approved disinfecting wipes.


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