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AHC Instrumental in Combating COVID-19 Through Surface Disinfection

23 Sep 2021

American Hygienics Corporation (AHC), Asia's largest wet wipes manufacturer, has been at the forefront of manufacturing surface disinfecting wipes for more than a decade, but the outbreak of COVID-19 was the biggest challenge AHC faced till date.

However, AHC played a pivotal role in manufacturing EPA registered disinfecting wet wipes for their clients amidst an increasing demand for disinfecting wipes.


AHC's expertise in manufacturing disinfecting wipes helped businesses overcome the supply chain constraints caused by COVID-19. AHC is also keenly working on new disinfecting wipes and solutions to cater to the growing needs of businesses in this changing global environment.

AHC's success can be attributed to founder and CEO Neal Parmar, who closely work with clients and suppliers. "AHC's success is a testament to our innovative and lean manufacturing, efficient supply chain management and management practices,” said Mr. Parmar. "Manufacturing disinfecting wipes involves synergy; in addition to raw materials and formulation passing strict EPA regulations, the factory has to be certified as well."

To fight COVID-19, along with masking up, regular disinfection of high-frequency touch surfaces such as worktables, computers, mobiles, door handles etc. should be ensured. A rise in demand for consumer disinfecting wipes presents an opportunity for businesses to offer competitive disinfecting wipes (and EPA-registered disinfecting wipes for the US market).

(EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency, regulates surface disinfection products. Any hard-surface disinfection products that is to be sold in the US must obtain the required EPA registration and can only work with EPA registered wet-wipes manufacturers with a valid EPA establishment number.)

About American Hygienics Corporation

With two manufacturing facilities and a gross annual output of over a billion units a year, AHC is one of the largest manufacturers of wet wipes in Asia.  AHC's manufacturing facilities are ISO13485 certified and manufacture regular and OTC-grade wet wipes. AHC also carries valid US EPA site registrations and collaborates with verified licensees for infection control products. With more than two decades of manufacturing history, AHC is the pillar for quality, reliability and consistency.



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