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Nonwovens Apt to Go Natural

04 Mar 2022

A recent report issued by Nonwovens Industry indicates that the market for natural fibers—including cotton, viscose, flax and hemp—is expected to witness rapid growth during the next decade driven by combined forces of global plastics legislation, strong consumer preferences and sustainability goals set by major brands and retailers as well as their suppliers. 

On one hand, an overall reduction in synthetic or plastic-based fibers will increase the use of both natural and man-made cellulosic fibers which offer benefits like biodegradability and compostability and contribute to the goal of a circular economy. On the other, the emergence of more natural-minded consumers who pay greater attention to the materials that touch their skin is also driving the need for more natural materials.

This growth is expected to continue in the future as sustainability goals have been increasingly included by brands and retailers as part of their standard business reporting, pushing the pressure to include more sustainable materials to their suppliers. 

As a trustworthy manufacturer, AHC promotes healthy and sustainable raw materials in producing biodegradable wet wipes and make sure that we are creating a greener and cleaner world for our next generations. 



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